emergency towing Rochester

Despite the challenges of operating a tow service in a city full of one-way streets and unexpected dead-ends, Rochester NY towing companies should be committed to providing stellar service and have a history of continually raising the bar.

Many of those companies have drivers that completed a top-notch training program, where they learn to navigate Rochester’s neighborhoods in a local Way. Because the shops get plenty of calls from stranded tourists who aren’t even sure where they are, tow drivers are expected to memorize not only streets but also visual landmarks.

The drivers are also coached on effective communication and teamwork, cornerstones of the company’s philosophy. Drivers know they can turn to tow manager Hoover for help solving work-related problems as well as support when personal challenges pop up. Drivers are also furnished with the latest tools and equipment, including top-of-the-line trucks outfitted with power windows, a stereo, and air-conditioning, and are rewarded financially for their successes. Giving drivers the proper training, equipment, and support has led to a level of customer service that hasn’t gone unnoticed. In fact, Rochester towing companies recently found themselves in the “Top Box” category of member satisfaction with service truck operators.

Behind the scenes, the latest technology helps towing company drivers respond quickly and appropriately to customer calls.  Step into their dispatch facility, in fact, and you might wonder if you’re in a space center control room. The facility is equipped with various monitors that simultaneously display CSAA, CHP, shop and Internet screens to help dispatchers quickly identify potential problems. Investing in the latest tools helps Rochester towing companies keep service levels high, reaching up to 98.8%, but then say he won’t be satisfied until they hit their goal of 100%. As they explain, “Good is no longer good enough-you must be excellent in order to thrive.”

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